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Yorkshire District Association form part of the Yorkshire youth section of the Camping and Caravanning Club.

The youth section is for anyone aged 12 to 17 years and is free to join. You can join and get your own youth membership card by clicking ‘Join CCY’ and printing the form. The Youth get to take part in things like having their own camping area, learning life skills such as cooking, map reading and basic first aid. Outdoor activities, treats, Disco’s and youth Rally’s and making new friends to name a few.
Many of our Youth have made life long friends from area’s not just across the country but from other countries too, they gain opportunities we could only ever dream of at their age.

Youth have the opportunity to train and take their youth test which then allows you to continue with free membership up to age 21 and attend international youth rally’s from the age of 14.
A youth test involves tent pitching, cooking and diets, kit packing, first aid, map reading and country code knowledge.

The Yorkshire Region Youth Liason Officers (RYLO’S) are Charlie and Alison and can be contacted at

Junior Youth

For information about the Junior Youth Section click below.

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Young Campers

For information about the Young Camper Section click below.

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